TCB 26102, Release February 2006


Roman Schwaller Sextet - The Thurgovian Suite

Derrick Gardner, trumpet; Roman Schwaller, tenor sax; Adrian Mears, trombone; Oliver Kent, piano; Thomas Stabenow, bass; Mario Gonzi, drums




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(offizieller Release Mrz 2006)

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Total Time:                                                       61:43


Music composed and arranged by Roman Schwaller
Recorded October 10 and 11, 2005 at Studio 2, Radio Studio Zrich. Recording and Mixing Engineer: Andy Neresheimer. Executive Producer for Swiss Radio DRS 2: Peter Brli. A coproduction with Swiss Radio DRS 2.
Mastered by Rolf Stauffacher at stubio b. Produced by Roman Schwaller.
Executive Producer for TCB Records: Peter Schmidlin.

Supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Canton of Thurgau / Switzerland (Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau)

Photos by Peewee Windmller and Oskar Henn





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Roman would like to thank:

Ren Munz and the Cultural Office of the Canton of Thurgau (Kulturamt); Steff Rohrbach, Humbert Entress and the Cultural Foundation of the Canton of Thurgau; Peter Brli, Andy Neresheimer and Swiss Radio DRS 2; Rolf Stauffacher, Plinio Ziegelbauer, Dominic Egli, Peter Redi, Peter Billaudelle, Peewee Windmller, Theres Windmller-Reding, Oskar Henn, Hans Lassnig, Florian Brandl, Saskia von Virg, Werner Schiess, Urs Stuber, Peter Schmidlin and of course Derrick, Adrian, Oliver, Thomas and Mario for their incredible musicianship, inspiration, cooperation and great playing! And to the history of Jazz that enabled me to write this music!