Roman Schwaller. This is a name I had never heard of two years ago, but then I had the delightful pleasure of hearing him and performing with him on the same program.

It was then that my ears experienced a wonderful and delightful surprise. 

Roman plays with a sense of adventure because he's always coming up with things that identify only him, and reflects this sense of adventure. He is constantly moving ahead into the darkness of creativity, extracting new and exciting things anxiously awaiting his discovery of them. These ideas reflect his own musical personality and not that of anyone else, because he is a distinct individual who lives to create. 

Not to be overlooked is his talent as a world class composer and arranger. You will hear evidence of all that I've said concerning him which is recorded on this, his present CD. One should consider himself fortunate if he has acquired this wonderful CD for his collection. Roman Schwaller is a talented saxophonist, composer, and arranger who is moving steadily ahead. Soon the entire world will know this name, including you, that is, if you don't already know it. 


Benny Golson

February 6, 2002
Los Angeles, California








I am sorry for being so slow to answer about your new and wonderful CD.

Roman, you have exceptional talent as a saxophonist. First of all you have imagination which is so important as a jazz player. All of this begins with our curiosity which gives birth to imagination followed by creativity. It's a logical progression that leads us forward in our abilities as we keep adding experience to our talent. You intuitively understand this ... I hear it in your playing.

Never ever become satisfied with yourself because that's the kiss of death. Since there is no end to music, as Sonny Rollins says. We therefore continue our search and create things that had no prior existence for as long as we live ... or stop playing. I hear this conviction in your playing and I congratulate you for this. Bravo Roman. You are a harbinger of your own future. Never stop moving forward ... the world can make good use of every note you play with your saxophone. I love it.

Onward and upward!

Love 'ya,



February 13, 2006

New York, N.Y.








Roman Schwaller Nonet - The Original Tunes

Recorded October 2001, JHM Records Switzerland No. 3629. Get it here: JHM Records Switzerland


Hier sind zwei Hrbeispiele aus der CD in voller Lnge!




Link to the nonet site





Roman Schwaller Sextet - The Thurgovian Suite


Derrick Gardner, trumpet (USA), Adrian Mears, trombone (AUS), Roman Schwaller, tenor sax (CH) , Oliver Kent, piano (A), Thomas Stabenow, bass (D), Mario Gonzi, drums (A)



Link to the sextet site